Learning Design

Instructional design is foundational to creating good learning experiences and environments. Educational institutions are recognizing the need and value of bringing instructional designers into their ranks, to help faculty design or improve their courses, and to create and evaluate these learning environments that support and encourage student success. Most faculty members are hired for their expertise and research in their discipline. Unless they have taken educational methods and theory courses as part of their degree, many of these talented professors do not truly know about effective course design and instruction. That’s where I come into the picture.

In many instances, technology has become the catalyst for professors to examine and re-design their courses. Moving into an online, blended, hybrid, or flipped environment requires that they examine how they teach and interact with their students so that they can effectively use the technology to support learning.

Courses and Consultations:

  • SME, Learning Design and Technology Masters, University of Maryland University College
  • Fundamentals of Online Learning, Masters of Educational Technology, Western Michigan University
  • Emerging Technology Trends in Distance Education and E-learning, University of Maryland University College
  • Health Informatics, Methodist College of Nursing
  • Transitions to Baccaulareate Nursing, Methodist College of Nursing
  • Health Assessment, Methodist College of Nursing
  • Online Course Design Seminar, Methodist College of Nursing
  • Instructional Design, instructor website used in tandem with CMS, University of Phoenix.
  • Instructional Strategies in Adult Education and Training, instructor website used in tandem with CMS, University of Phoenix.
  • Summer Institute for the 21st Century Educator, Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology, Illinois State University, three-week series of intensive faculty development workshops.
  • Enhancing Web-based Instruction using WebCT, Illinois State University, 4-day intensive faculty development workshop.
  • C&I 434 – Instructional Product Development, Illinois State University, for blended delivery using WebCT.
  • Applications of Multimedia and Web Page Design, instructor website used in tandem with CMS, University of Phoenix.
  • E-education Capstone, instructor web site used in tandem with CMS, University of Phoenix.
  • Volunteerism Certificate, three-course certificate program through the School of Community Service at the University of North Texas. http://www.cps.unt.edu/untvols/
  • Astronomy 101, an introductory course in Astronomy, University of North Texas.
  • Engineering Online, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Masters degree program, UT Arlington. Twelve courses developed for the VCampus and Prometheus course management platforms. View examples of the media used in this program.
  • Instructional Design Workshop, Pathways for Faculty Excellence, The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).
  • E-Marketing, contract with Uni-U for the University of Notre Dame Australia. Developed in BlackBoard.
  • Flash, Anyone?, workshop for ITDE 2001 conference, Flash tutorial on CD-ROM.
  • Web Planning and Design, author and instructor, Staff development course for HMHP Intranet web developers, Harris Methodist Health Plan.

Course Reviews:

2003-2007, Review new and existing online courses for sound design, structure, accuracy and technical functionality for the Center of Distance Education at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Center for Distance Learning at Tarrant County College.

2009-2010, Blackboard Exemplary Course Reviewer

2005-present, Quality Matters Course Reviewer

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