About Eli

As an educational development and teaching professional, dedicated to creating supportive learning environments, you will see from my research, practice, teaching, and development, that I am focused on the needs of the 21st-century student, educator, and institution; adept at pedagogy, teaching methods, instructional design and technology.

The student of the 21st century is no longer just a high school graduate.  There are more contemporary students (formerly known as non-traditional) in higher ed today than traditional. These are adult learners who many times have already attended college at some point and have earned some college credit.  They are working full-time jobs, have families and other life commitments.  They require a different type of university experience than the typical high-school graduate attending college for the first time.  There is also a growing number of students who are first-time college students in their families.  This means that there are many more types of students at any college campus that all require more inclusive approaches to learning than was typical 30 years ago.

Students are coming to campus with technology as one of the cornerstones of his/her life, having grown up with computers, cell phones, and ubiquitous access to information. It is an integral part of how they socialize and communicate. Increasingly they will become tech-savvy learners and consumers of information.  Adult students are becoming more tech-savvy and are choosing online, blended and hybrid learning environments as a way to merge learning into their already busy lives.

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